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EngQuizzitive-6.2.8:Sub-Verb Agreement

Sub-verb agreement is one of the most important errors evaluated in entrance exams.We have uploaded the theory of the same on the following link :

Answers :

  1. Some of the marbles are on the floor.[Explanation : Indefinite pronouns when followed by ‘of ‘ generally take a plural verb.Also in this sentence since marble is a countable noun the verb number is plural]
  2. Some of the sugar is on the floor.[Explanation : In this sentence though the indefinite pronoun is followed by ‘of’ the verb number is singular as the noun in consideration here that is sugar is uncountable]
  3. A can of limba beans sits on the shelf. [Explanation : since the subject in this sentence is can which is singular hence the number of the verb is singular]
  4. Neither the actors nor the director is/was following the lines closely.[Explanation :when double conjunctions or correlatives are used the verb number depends on the number of the noun in its proximity.In this sentence since the verb is close to the noun ‘ director’ which is singular the number of the verb here is singular] Answer : both 1 and 3
  5. A pencil and an eraser make writing easier.[Explanation : since the two nouns are joined by co-coordinating conjunction the number of the verb is plural]



Answers :
  1. They took a long time to reach a definite decision since her abduction had posed a difficult dilemma.[ Incorrect : decisions are always definite hence the usage of both the words lead to redundancy ; also a dilemma is always difficult hence the usage of both words leads to redundancy]
  2. They lived in close proximity. [Incorrect : proximity would mean close ; hence using both the words together would lead to redundancy]
  3. What was the final outcome of the meeting? [Incorrect : an outcome is always final ; hence using both the words would lead to redundancy
  4. Her arrival on time was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. [Incorrect : a surprise is always unexpected and pleasant ; hence using these words along with surprise would lead to redundancy]
  5. Stand up ! [Incorrect : one always stands up ; hence using up with the command stand would lead to redundancy]